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Since 1984, Amana Trading Company has proudly been serving North America with the best quality of flags, souvenirs, key chains, caps, scarfs and more. We take pride in serving our customers some of which have been with Amana Trading for over 20 years! We thank you! Our reputation, business ethics, service to our clients and our consistency in meeting YOUR needs will always be our main goal and focus. Flags International serves as one of the largest flag suppliers in all of North America, our inventory is stocked with the finest flags representing every single country in the entire world therefore fulfilling our customers’ needs and requests. There is something here at Flags International for Everyone! From government, companies, countries and sports teams, here at Flags International we have it all, we happily and willingly accommodate your requests. To our loyal wholesale customers; we take pleasure in your satisfaction of our products and will continue to provide only the best quality of merchandise. To our new customers, we welcome you to experience our excellent customer service with the outstanding products to help meet your needs. We are committed to you and guarantee that you’ve never experience business like this before!

With our competitive prices, flawless merchandise quality and our vision we will continue to make our customers proud.  Allow us to help build your store inventory and boost sales for your continued success, we can achieve it together! The staff here at Amana looks forward to serving YOU!

Love Is In The Air!

The Amana Team



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